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Premium Service

What is it ?

This service provides a wireless connection to the local community network and to the Internet for a household with heavier usage requirements than the Standard Service, or the need to run a publicly accessible server.

This service is also suitable for small companies who do not require a guaranteed bandwidth service.

Compared to a normal dialup service, this is a Broadband service, Always-on and Fast.

That means that downloads are quicker, email arrives while you are away from your desk and you can chat with friends over the community network.

The Premium Service offers all the features of the Standard Service, but also provides :

Higher bandwidth

With the Premium Service, your bandwidth limit is increased, allowing for heavier Internet usage.

Additional MAC Address

You may connect to the network separately using a different PC. You will need to purchase a separate WiFi card (not included).

This allows someone with a desktop PC to also connect a laptop for occasional use.

Users of the Network must conform to the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy for the Service.

You can order the service now. You will not be charaged until we can deliver service.

Premium Service Prices

 Price per month
 when paid quarterly 
   Price per month
 when paid 12 months in advance 
  Setup Fee
£34.99   £29.99   £249.00

This includes:

  • service setup
  • wiresless card or client
  • internal antenna
  • cable

Prices exclude VAT.

Premium Service Features

Feature Benefits
Wi-Fi Wireless LAN access
  • Always On
  • High Speed - a Shared 5Mbps service within the community
  • Simple to operate and manage
  • Additional MAC Address (allows connection from 2 separate PCs)
Fast Internet Access
  • Will Provide Shared 2Mbps Internet Access. Initially shared access upto 4Mbps downstream only for http and ftp.
  • Allows faster web browsing
  • Allows faster downloads from the Internet
  • Higher usage of Internet connection allowed than the Standard Service.
Community Email Account
  • Up to 5 email accounts
  • You can use this as a regular (POP) email account
  • You can redirect mail to this account
  • You can redirect mail from this account to another email account
Multiple Community Access Points
  • Allows Laptops to roam to other Access Points 
  • Provides resilience and choice of Access Point in many locations
Community Self-Help Support Groups
  • Morespeed Networks will manage and support the network
  • The Community will provide some self-help and assistance to the other Community users

What you will need

Requirement Why
Laptop or Desktop PC or MAC or server
  • For user Interaction / Firewall
Ethernet port or PCMIA slot (laptops) or USB port (Desktops)
  • Allows connection to the Wireless Equipment.
    Cost : Built into modern laptops (PCMIA) and Desktops (Ethernet or USB).
Ethernet Converter or WiFi card or external USB unit
  • Provides the wireless connectivity.
  • now included free
  • NB - Setup fee includes Adapter for one computer and the cost of either an indoor or an external aerial.  The cost of fitting of an outdoor aerial is subject to site survey and is not included in the setup cost quoted.  Normally this will be between £70 and £95
  • Use an Ethernet converter if your machine already has ethernet.

    Use a USB unit if you have a Windows 2000/XP PC with USB ports but no Ethernet port.

Range extender ("patch") antenna
  • Improves signal quality to Access Point
  • Not needed with Wireless/Ethernet converter
  • now included free with external install service
Anti Virus Software and Firewall Software
(Optional Extra)
  • To catch viruses that may get sent to you via email or downloaded files.
  • To protect you from Internet intruders.
  • A Hardware Firewall and hub is available at order time as an optional extra.

Technical Features

Feature Benefits
  • Easily available hardware
  • Speed degrades gracefully with signal quality
Shared Wireless LAN
  • Very High speed connection to Access Point and Community Network. The wireless part of the network operates at an effective 5Mbps.
  • The Internet connectivity will provide a shared access to 2Mbps in both directions. Initially shared access up to 4Mbps downstream only for http and ftp.

The Small Print

Issue Restriction
Internet Bandwidth Usage

Although this service provides fast access to the Internet and to the Community network, the service does not guarantee a particular amount of bandwidth per user; the service is NOT intended to be a replacement for a leased line.

Users of the Premium Service must not make excessive use of the service to the detriment of other users.

Users making excessive use of the service will be asked to reduce their usage or upgrade to a higher level of service.

Examples of excessive use include :

  • Streaming video at more than 500Kbps.
  • Streaming video on continuously. (Short movie clips are OK)
  • Streaming audio left on continuously.
  • Video/audio conferencing left on continuously.
  • More than 1Gb (1,000 Megabytes) per month usage 0800-23:59. (Download Usage is unrestricted between 00:00- 07:59 daily but throughput will be variable - although still in excess of normal modem speeds)

Further high speed bandwidth usage can be purchased at £30 per GB If your requirements are greater.

Acceptable use Bandwidth usage within the community network is unrestricted, but users are expected not to make unreasonable use of the network resources and to conform to the Acceptable Use Policy of the network.
Additional MAC The additional MAC is for convenience ONLY, and on the basis that the user is only using one of the connections at any one time. In particular, the user not allow third parties to make use of the 'additional MAC' address option. Bandwidth usage will be monitored.

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