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Enterprise Service

What is it ?

Feature Benefits
Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Ensure your important traffic always gets through.
  • Get the security of a guaranteed minimum bandwdith (like a leased line).
  • Always On
  • Simple to operate and manage
Burst above Guaranteed Minimum
  • Burst above the guaranteed amount up to 2Mbps (Better than a leased line)
  • True broadband speed.
Fixed IP addresses
  • Allows servers to be run on the site
  • Allows some services that require fixed IP addresses
Fast Internet Access
  • Allows faster web browsing
  • Allows faster downloads from the Internet
  • No download limits

Users of the Network must conform to the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy for the Service.

You can order the service now. You will not be charged until we can deliver service.

Enterprise Service Prices

The Enterprise Broadband Service is a tiered service, you pay for the level that fits your usage.

Service   Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth   Setup Fee   Monthly Fee
  64K   £500   £125
  128K   £1000   £200
  256K   £1000   £400
  512K   £1000   £600

Enterprise Service Description

Item Notes
Payment / Service Terms

All prices exclude VAT which will be added to the invoice.

Services are paid for quarterly in advance.

Detailed Terms are avilable from Here.

Setup Fee

There is only a single setup fee. If you upgrade to a higher bandwdith Enterprise Service, there is no additional setup fee to upgrade.

Minimum Bandwidth

You will have full access to the shared community network, usually running at 5Mbps.

In addition, we will guarantee a minimum bandwidth on the Internet connection for you, so that you get AT LEAST that bandwidth at all times, even during peak hours.

Compared to a leased line, you get the benefit with our service of being able to use the maximum bandwidth available to the Internet, so if a 2Mbps line is installed to the community, you may get up to 2Mbps, with a minimum of the bandwidth guaranteed as per the service chosen.

Minimum Term

There is a minimum commitment period of 12 months.


You may upgrade at any time by notifying us in writing.

If you exceed the minimum guaranteed bandwidth on average during two consequtive calendar months, you will be automatically upgraded to the next level.

Service Provision

Your service will be provided over either the wireless network backbone, or using a baseband circuit to the nearest Node, depending on distance from the nearest exchange and the network design issues.

If we provide a baseband circuit into your site, we may ask you to be a node in the network, and provide wireless access to others in the area.

Router Included

The router will encrypt all traffic from your site back to the hub, ensuring absolute privacy of all your traffic over any wireless sections of the network.

We will actively monitor the link to ensure reliability and raise an alarm in the event of any failure so that we can quickly respond to problems.


Access to the shared community network will be contended, but the minimum guaranteed bandwidth to the Internet will be uncontended, and any usage over the minimum will also be contended at no worse that 50:1.

Community User Group

For each Enterprise order, we will make a contribution of £15 pre month to the Community User Group

By purchasing this Service, your company can become a member of the User Group, and will have a say in how the money available to the group is used.

Technical Features

Feature Notes
  • Provides connection to the Network
  • Provides DHCP - hands out IP addresses to your PCs.
  • Name/Address Translation - hides your network.
  • Provides basic firewall services.
  • Provides encryption over any wireless network.
  • Active monitoring provides immediate alarm in the event of failure.
Multiple IP addresses
  • Allows hosting of Servers, Firewalls and Gateways
Domain Name Service
  • Registration of an appropriate domain name (if required)
  • Provision of Primary DNS (if required)
  • Provision of Secondary DNS (if required)
Backup Email Service
  • Provides backup 'MX' relay using SMTP. (You are responsible for providing a mail host which will send and receive email)
Private Web page
  • A username/password protected webpage with usage statistics and account information
Shared Community LAN
  • Very High speed connection to Access Point and Community Network

The Small Print

Issue Restriction
Network Security

Network Security remains your responsibility at all times and we recommend that you take action to prevent unauthorised access. We have a range of security options available that can be purchased at the same time as your connection.

Acceptable use

Bandwidth usage within the community network is unrestricted, but users are expected not to make unreasonable use of the network resources and to conform to the Acceptable Use Policy of the network.

If you want to purchase the service, you can order online, or contact us for an order form and for any other detailed questions.