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Co-Locate Service

What is it ?

This service provides rackspace, power and connectivity for your server in one of our colocate facilities.

Our co-locate facilities have:

  • Fast connectivity straight onto our backbone
  • Air conditioning
  • Physical security
  • Regulated and battery backed mains power
  • Remote hands during office hours to perform cold reboots
That means that you can concentrate on what you are good at, i.e. the service that is running on your server, and let us worry about looking after the physical box.

Co-Locate Service Prices

 Price per month
 when paid quarterly 
  Setup Fee
£40.00   £100.00


  • Service Setup
  • 1U of space in a 19" rack
  • Mains lead with "kettle plug" at your end and an appropriate UPS connection plug at our end
  • Connectivity via UTP ethernet lead
  • Two fixed IP numbers
  • 40Gb traffic per month

The Small Print

Issue Details
Must be a Morespeed Networks customer The co-locate service is only available to existing customers who receive their connectivity via the Morespeed Networks network. We are not trying to compete with other co-location providers, instead choosing to offer the service as a value added service for our own customers.
Limited UPS Mains power in our co-location facilities is battery backed. We aim to provide backup mains power in the event of "brownouts" and brief full outages of the mains supply. We do not guarantee to provide backup power for any specific length of time.
Physical access You are expected to manage your server remotely and only visit in person in extreme circumstances. Access is only permitted during office hours, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm excluding public holidays. Access should be arranged at least 24 hours in advance by contacting Morespeed Networks by email. Do not consider your access request granted until you receive confirmation by email.
Remote hands We will not log into your server. If requested we will power cycle the machine on a best efforts basis, i.e. assuming that there are staff on-site.
Acceptable Use Co-Locate customers are expected to operate their servers within the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy.

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