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Leased line update

BT have to install Fibre tails to our premises as the line cannot be provided over copper. We are expecting an update on the install date on Friday 19th December. However the current service levels are very impressive and still delivering burst download speeds of up to 400K BYTES per second!!!

Pailton and Monks Kirby - Nodes wanted!

Pailton And Monks Kirby can now get service - Many thanks to Mr And Mrs Weatherall at Tithe farm for hosting the Relay through to these areas. Testing has now been completed and we are actively seeking nodes in both villages to allow further distribution in the villages themselves - so come on make sure you register and volunteer to be a node now. For the technically interested, the core network speed at the relay is an astonishing 20mbps!!

Leased line - Stage 2 now ordered

Due to the demand experienced in just the first few weeks of availability, we have moved our plans to go to stage 2 forward and have ordered the 2mbps Leased Line. This is a major investment to the tune of about £18k in the first year. The line has a "Fast Track" install date of 22nd December with a contractual install date of 6th January.

Churchover Live and Connected

Churchover is now Live and Connected - Many thanks to John and Fiona at Montilo Farm for providing the directional feed over to Churchover.  Sadie and John at Holly House in Churchover are acting as the central node the Churchover end of the link. This will now allow most people in Churchover to get connected now. 

OEM Computer Systems launches Morespeed

OEM Computer Systems of Rugby has launched and is sponsoring a community project to bring Broadband Internet access to the village of Harborough Magna and surrounding area. Plans include extending network coverage to Easenhall, Pailton and Churchover.