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Broadband for the Revel Community

What is it?

This site covers the developing Harborough Magna and Area Project, which will build a Broadband Network to the North of Rugby, linking surrounding villages together and to the Internet.

Broadband services start at only £19.99 a month!

Check out the services section for more details on the services we offer.

What do I do now?

Please register your interest in broadband in the area, and if you are looking for immediate service, check out the services section.


Below is the current status of broadband availability:

Area Status
Montilo Lane North Live and Connected
Montilo Lane West Live and Connected
Pailton Road HM Live and Connected
Back Lane HM Live and Connected
Main Street HM Live and Connected
Easenhall Road HM  Live and Connected
Churchover  Live and Connected
Pailton Live and Connected
Monks Kirby Live and Connected
Easenhall  Live and Connected
Brinklow Live and Connected
Church Lawford Live and Connected
Bretford Live and Connected
Long Lawford Live and Connected
Cawston Live and Connected


Click on the map below to view a bigger map of the target coverage area.


Cawston now online!!!!

Cawton now has its first node fully installed and operational at Somerset Place. So you can now order service by calling 01788 834800.

Morespeed expands to Cawston

The first Node in Cawston is due to be installed on Friday 12th April at Somerset Place.

Long Lawford now online!!!!

Long Lawford now has its first node fully installed and operational at Sheepcote Drive. So you can now order service by calling 01788 834800.

Morespeed expands its range to Long lawford

The first Node in Long lawford is due to be installed on Tuesday 5th March at Sheepcote Drive.This will enable service Cherry Gardens (Persimmon) in Long Lawford.

Public Forum now open!

We have now added a Forum section to the website where you can ask questions and meet other users of the morespeed network. We will be adding a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section over the next week or so which will answer the most common queries. We need to get a bit of "action" going on the forum . So PLEASE, PLEASE do visit, register and post even if to say "Hello, I'm Mark, I live in Pailton" etc.

Morespeed expands in Monks Kirby

We have introduced a further three nodes in Monks Kirby and can now supply service to most of the village. Place your order by calling 01788 834800.

Morespeed website redesigned and greatly improved!

Many, many thanks to Darren Scott at Churchover for redesigning the look and feel of the website. The new site gives a much easier on the eye presentation, more detail and far better navigation. Thank you Darren.

2mb Leased Line Now Installed And Operational!!!!

After a busy few weeks culminating in a very busy day today, the 2MB leased line is now up and running!  Speeds are fantastic - that's not just our view - here are comments, within just a few hours, from some of the community members!

"Fantastic! This is what ADSL wants to be when it grows up! "
Darren Scott

"Absolutely stunning - chuffed to little mint balls"
John Whalley

"It was good before, but now it is amazing"
Mark Barnett

"Tons better! Much quicker screen loads, and I'm getting 215k bytes/sec"
John Cunliffe

"Seems absolutely brilliant now"
Peter Saywell 

So what are YOU actually waiting for?  BT?  Why not enjoy a MUCH superior level of service NOW for less cost! 

Monks Kirby now online!!!!

Monks Kirby now has its first node fully installed and operational at 54 Brockhurst. This enables service to a large part of Monks Kirby directly so you can now order service by calling 01788 834800.

Pailton now has third node

A third node has been installed in the Pailton Basin predominantly serving St Denis View and up along the Lutterworth Road. Many thanks to John Cunliffe for hosting this node.  

Monks Kirby - 1st node to be installed 30/12

The first Node in Monks Kirby is due to be installed on Tuesday 30th December at 54 Brockhurst. This will enable service to a large part of Monks Kirby directly so please make sure that you register your interest now.  This enables us to plan network rollout to best serve interested parties.

Pailton now online

Pailton now has two Nodes Installed, Tested and Operational!! You can now order service in most of Pailton - Many thanks to Alan Parfrey And Clair on the Coventry road and Terry Waite and family at 1 Foxfields for hosting the 1st Pailton nodes.

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